The purpose of the Task is to push forward the compact thermal energy storage technology developments to accelerate the market introduction of these technologies through the international collaboration of experts from materials research, components development and system integration, and industry and research organizations.

The main objectives of the Task are to 1) better understand the factors that influence the storage density and the performance degradation of CTES materials, 2) characterize these& materials in a reliable and reproducible manner, 3) develop methods to effectively determine the SoC of a CTES, and 3) increase the knowledge base on how to design optimized heat exchangers and reactors for CTES technologies.

Main Activities

  • Develop standardized measurement procedures for CTES materials and further expand and maintain the materials database and knowledge database.
  • Identify proper strategies that allow for tuning the reactivity of CTES materials, thus improving their properties and final performances.
  • Develop techniques with which the SoC of a CTES can be determined in a reliable and cost-efficient way.
  • Develop PCM and TCM with predictable and improved stability.
  • Improve material-component interaction for optimal system performance.
  • Disseminate the achieved knowledge and results to experts, system integrators, decisionmakers, and the general public.