The deliverables allocated to the five Subtasks will be:

Subtask A: Material Characterization and Database

DA1: Standardized measurement procedures and round robin tests
DA2: CTES Materials database and knowledge platform

Subtask B: CTES Material Improvement

DB1: Novel tailor-made and improved CTES materials and composites to actively enhance performances
DB2: Production methods and final materials performances relationships

Subtask C: State of Charge – SoC Determination

DC1: Description of techniques to determine the SoC of PCM and TCM thermal storages

Subtask D: Stability of PCM and TCM

DD1: Description of PCM and TCM degradation mechanisms
DD2: Recommendations for stability testing of PCM and TCM

Subtask E: Effective Component Performance with Innovative Materials

DE1: Document on material – component interaction performance indicators
DE2: Realistic application-specific performance chart definition